90 Haiku Challenge

Fusion is an awesome orgnisation that supports students in churches all over the country. Part of what they do is Student Linkup. Student Linkup runs throughout each summer, helping school leavers to get in touch with churches in their new city.

I was linked up with my church in York through
Linkup and it’s such a vital thing for students leaving their home churches!

In the summer of 2012, Fusion ran the 90 Challenge, asking people to do a 90-themed challenge to fund all the Linkups!

I wrote 90 haiku – 3 a day every day in June.

I am no longer taking donations, but in total I raised £116.75 for Student Linkup. Thank you to everyone who donated, all of my haiku are still available here!

June 1
Light sneaks
through the curtain leaks;
open eyes.

Clean pages,
sharp black type tell
ancient myths.

Fast talk
over happy tastes –
pass the cake?

June 2
Not yet!
         we’ll talk later
alarm clock.

Full sky,
         of  reverberating
church bells.

Tiny fingers
colour outside lines –
hands help.

June 3
Make it strong,
          milk goes second
sugar pinch

Twisting round,
         few daring strands

Rush inside
          joy of sodden bunting –
best of British

June 4
Drifting gently,
         nighttime narratives

Fancy a treat?
forty-five second
mug cake.

Floor desk
lost attention
…’first year’

June 5
Open fridge
         close fridge cupboard –

          nothing interesting
for my haiku.

Grey clouds
silence weak shouts
of summer sun.

June 6
Wake early;
turn pillow’s cold side
concious sleep.

Tapping keys, 
watching language race
across the screen.

“Nice to meet
you travel well?”
“Not at all.”

June 7
French pastry
a hint of rich coffee;
duvet dining.

Finishing joy
slightly inhibited

Buy stamp,
settle in the crowd
and dance dance.

June 8
Lying in
guilt free! 

Seasons ago,
          still shed tears for
Doctor Donna.

Corner table
conversations crossing
over pints.

June 9
Stretch it out
lungs fill rubber trap
…it bursts.

Colours lie
in layers above ice,
like sunrise.

Laughter sounds
fill a mind that sleeps
at bedtime.

June 10
A breakfast
         of jelly babies and cake,
morning Sunday!

          in the clouds,
raining now.

Old music
          loud laptop speakers,

June 11
Volo manere
in lectum et dormire –
Latin revision.

Sea of clothes,
among book shaped boats
paper floats.

Thousand pages,
turning the front cover
starts it all.

June 12
Moments caught
saved on shiny card,
looking back.

Incredible really,
counting to thirty one
should be easy.

Late night
cuppa chats and giggles,
missed this.

June 13
House full
footsteps and activity –
still in bed

Bass sounds
reverberate ’round
summer air.

Charging through
racing under over;
aim to win.

June 14
Fingers tapping
“you may begin” –
you ready?

share bag for one
and a duvet.

Ignore the clock
wish today won’t end –
The Power Of…

June 15
and silver serving,
whilst yawning.

Feathers swirl
atop bright floating fabrics,
champgane pops.

set the reel going –
laptop cinema.

June 16
Home sick
of sleeping dreams –
the day starts.

Biting in
empty since last night –
never better.

Cracking up,
yesterday’s clothes
as pyjamas.

June 17
Stirring slightly
waking reluctantly;
morning happens.

A long time
throwing arms around,
sounds of smiles.

Finger scooping
sweet velvet icing;
fluffy cake.

June 18
Spine twisting
yawning in the morning,
fingers stretch.

Hoodie pillow
and grass matress under
sky blue ceiling.

Chanting along
to old songs happily –
bonding over.

June 19
Smokey smells
float through air;
picnic blankets.

Pint glasses
fuel the cheering football

Floor seats
late night burger eating;
student dining.

June 20
Tastes hang
sweetly in the kitchen,
roasting peppers.

Rolling eyes,
teaching ettiquette
on date night.

Walking home,
warm breeze brushes
exposed skin.

June 21
Sleeping calmly,
jerk awake remembering
things forgotten.
Rain pours
          and thunder roars

Moving slowly
every touch thoughtful,
watching the squares.

June 22
Straight tracks
carry warm smiles
away from here.

Pages pass,
intense momentum
towards the close.

Wind knocks,
night air seeps through
open window.

June 23
Yawning chats,
         eating breakfast
at lunchtime.

Wide eyes
         exaggerated words,

Mind wanders,
fickle and without

June 24
Fingers stumble,
         slowly remembering
strange strings. 

Rain falls
fast from friendly eyes,
long goodbyes.

Interruptions as
excitement overflows,
just got home.

June 25
Trying to read
         squinting and small shapes
out of focus. 

Phone call
substitutes cake –
Happy Birthday.

Staged stories
          flash by hour-shaped,
passive living.

June 26
Book mountains
rivers of words through

Finger slices
cup or two of brew –
“Such fun!”

Evening sun
over soft grass chairs;
laughter shared.

June 27
Bright sun dresses
         in grey clouds still
eyes squint.

condensed into fragments,
sights and sounds.

Smalls rooms,
contain so much love –
what is size?

June 28
Books are bricks;
           walking between walls

Close eyes
           keep quiet and still,
childhood games.

Bubbles dance
within mouled glass –
twist and pop.

June 29
One year
          ends on one day,,
what next?

Hollowed house
breathes out boxes;
rooms condensed.

Goodnight for
ninety morning’s time –
sleep tight.

June 30
Sleep tight
         as bright light breaks
through windows.

Small talk
         over mundane work 
passes hours.

Nervous freshers
         packing up to leave –
Linked Up.

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