Review: Doctor Who Episode 232

As ever, it’s hard to know what season of Doctor Who we’re on, but according the ever reliable Wikipedia Season 7 Part 2 began tonight. Any Whovians who watched the 2012 Christmas special and The Bells of Saint John prequel would have known that we were going to be joining a Doctor still on the search for the ever elusive and mysterious Clara ‘Oswin’ Oswald.

The slight shock, however, was finding him in thirteenth century Cumbrian monastery mediating over Clara’s last words. He was quickly plunged into modern-day London; the cold opening of a twenty-something apparently addressing the word through a webcam ensured this. Twitter jokes and smartphones are central to a storyline where WiFi is the predator.

It was fun to see the genius of technology playing in a world that I can understand, so it’s unfortunate that the storyline was a little less inspiring. I was never worried for a life, there was very little running and barely even a signature Smith worried gulp; the whole thing was very sedate.

The dissapointment of an unexciting plot was nothing compared to the dissapointment of a recycled concept. Both tonight’s episode and Forest of the Dead were written by Steven Moffat; uploading personalities to a computer and face-stealing robots? The whole storyline was just too familiar. As the two episodes are set 3 millenia apart this takes something away from how current and topical tonight’s episode strived to be – unless the deja vu is intentional?

Lack of originality aside, Clara Oswald’s character continues to intrigue and hopefully the rest of the season will deliver.