playing croquet on my friend’s cider farm in Somerset, celebrating her 22nd birthday

I’m a creative writer and children’s worker. I graduated in 2014 with a degree in English and History. I’m now doing children’s and youth work at my church and work a bit at the primary school across the road.  I’d like to be an author and am currently working on a science fantasy trilogy, but I keep getting distracted by various short story projects. There’s a work-in-progress story up on this blog (Sound of Rain), it’s basically an exercise in character development; my mum keeps bugging me to finish it, I will, one day. I don’t much know what the ‘theme’ of this blog is anymore, I just write as and when I have something I fancy saying.

Favourite Film: The Yellow Handkerchief (2008)
Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There, Lewis Carroll
Television: Gilmore Girls & The West Wing
Comic Book: Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye & Inhuman

@ElisabethShuker // goodreads.com/elisabethshuker // elisabeth.shuker@gmail.com

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